This machine is used to automatically feed one or more seamers with unwrapped sticks of ends that were previously shrink-wrapped with plastic film.
The machine takes the sticks of ends from the hopper. An air-knife cuts the film longitudinally and it is then ejected into a collecting bag. After that, the expulsion device exerts a constant pressure to push the ends to the seamer.
This system increases production capacity and provides for a perfect cut of the film on both sides of the stick, avoiding any damage to the product and allowing a constant outflow of the ends.
The standard hopper assures 30 minutes’ autonomy of continuous production (of ø 73mm standard sanitary ends at 600 e.p.m.).
With the addition of a quick-changeover kit the machine can be adapted to precess sleeves wrapped in paper bags.
Corima International Machinery can supply a wide range of conveyors connecting the outlet of the unwrapper to the seamer to meet the customer’s specific requirements.

– Double hopper providing autonomy of 1 hour;
– Ergonomic hopper to make loading easier for the operator.

Technical data (standard):
END TYPE standard sanitary ends, easy open ends, aerosol bottoms and
domes, general line components
END DIMENSION ø 52 mm (200) to 153 mm (603)
STICK LENGTH from 250 mm to 800 mm
OUTPUT up to 5 rolls/minute
ELECTRICAL REQUIREMENTS 10 Kw, 380 V, 50 Hz, 3-phase + neutral wire
AIR CONSUMPTION 300 l/minute at 6 Bar
Upon request the machine can be customized according to customer specifications

Electrocoating Technology
Si tratta del metodo più tecnologicamente avanzato per proteggere il metallo applicandovi un strato protettivo.
Quality Control Machinery
Questa macchina è installabile direttamente all’interno di una linea di produzione.
Ha un principio di funzionamento estremamente semplice per l’eliminazione totale di lattine difettose.
Automation Machinery
Questa macchina è stata sviluppata per ridurre automaticamente le estremità in acciaio avvolgenti
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