This is the most technologically advanced method for protecting metals by applying a coating.
Thanks to the voltage difference at the anode (the end), the negatively charged lacquer particles, will be deposited ONLY on areas where the metal is in contact with the lacquer fully covering any scratches on the inside or outside of the end, on the curled cut edge, the score line, the smile beads, rivet area and tab cut edge.

Electrophoresis steps:
DIPPING The ends are dipped into a bath containing a coating solution that deposits immediately on exposed metal such as cut edges, scratches and other blemishes and forms a moist film.
The electrophoretic bath is prepared by diluting lacquer in deionised water.
Because it is a dipping process, complex-shaped objects can be uniformly coated.
WASHING After the bath, the ends still have solution droplets adhering to them and so they are cleaned up with blasts of air and water, that which do not damage the coated parts.
DRYING As there is a very low quantity of solvent, drying is problem-free; the ends will be perfectly coated with no blemishes left by the productive process.

Main advantages of electrocoater:
– all exposed parts treated in just one pass
– highly uniform, thin lacquer coating impossible to damage during seaming operation
– ends will not get stuck together
– highly flexible machine with economic size/format changeover
– speed up to 500 cpm per lane
– very low lacquer consumption and no overspray problem (the lacquer deposits only on uncovered parts
– environmentally-friendly technology (solution contains just 1 to 2 % lacquer; the rest is water)
– elimination of costs for special insurance or special storerooms for inflammable materials as the lacquer is water-based


The new design of our machines meets and beats all other types of machines offered on the market. We also achieved better performances giving more immersion time, checking the process end by end, reducing bath foaming and solution waste, reducing cleaning and maintenance downtimes.
The total accessibility of any parts makes this machine “user-friendly” for the operator.

Electrocoater consists of the following sections::

INFEED SECTION It consists of infeed downstackers (one per lane) with their driving devices. The downstackers are equipped with magnetic end separators that receive the ends coming from the conversion press.
ELECTROCOATING BATH SECTION Here the ends are dipped into the lacquer solution where full coverage of any scratch in just one transit is achieved by applying a contact to the end.
RINSING/BLOWING SECTION This section includes batteries of fans and air knives set to clean the ends before the lacquer is dried in the oven
CURING OVEN The ends are carried through the different oven zones (pre-heating – curing – cooling) by means of chains equipped with special plastic pockets suitable for high temperature work. Curing times are preset to achieve perfect lacquer polymerisation.
At the exit of the oven, the ends are taken by a magnetic belt conveyor that provide to carry them to the outfeed of the machine.

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